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WIREWORLD Starlight 8 USB 3.1 ( C TO C )

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DESIGN: Uni-Path  –  90 Ohms

SIGNAL CONDUCTORS: Qty: 12    Gauge: 28AWG  |  0.08 sq. mm

CONDUCTOR MATERIAL: Silver-clad Oxygen-Free Copper

INSULATION: Composilex 3

PLUG CONTACTS: 24K Gold-plated

NOTE: USB C to C termination



Utilizing the exclusive Uni-Path flat design and silver-clad OFC conductors, Starlight 8 USB provides higher fidelity than round USB cables selling for much more.  Starlight’s rich three-dimensional sound is created by reducing all types of noise and preserving more of the digital waveform. These cables far exceed the official USB 3.1 specifications.

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0.6M, 1.0M

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