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Totem KIN Monitor / KIN Amp Combo

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Package includes: Kin Amp, Kin Monitor, remote control, speaker wire, optical wire, mini jack wire, magnetic grill, self adhesive feet.




Of course the KIN Amp can drive a multitude of other speakers to provide sensational sound.  KIN Monitors can be connected to a collection of amps and play magnificently.  But when paired together the result is beyond sensational or magnificent.  It’s magical, and borders on musical perfection.

KIN Amp works in such perfect harmony with the KIN Monitor that you’d think they were designed for one another.  And you’d be right, they were.  They compliment each other physically and acoustically and together are far greater than the sum of the parts.

Speaking of parts, the KIN Amp/Monitor package comes with all the parts you’ll need to start enjoying your system immediately.  An optical wire, mini jack wire, two runs of speaker cable terminated with banana plugs, speaker isolation feet, and a remote are all included to ensure you can start enjoying the system immediately.

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Satin Black, Satin White

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