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Technics SL-G700 Grand Class Network / SACD Player Network

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For analogue audio output, the D/A circuit is one of the most important circuit blocks since it recreates the original analogue waveform from a digital source, such as a CD. For the D/A converters, Asahi Kasei Micro devices’ top-of-the-line DAC AK4497, with their high S/N ratio and low distortion, are isolated for the left and right channels. The power supply for the D/A converters is separated into five sections according to the application, and supplied individually. The power supply for the clock employs an original Battery Driven Circuit System to achieve high-accuracy D/A conversion. The Dual Mono Construction and asymmetrical layout eliminate mutual interference between left and right channels, taking the reproduction of sound imaging and sound space recorded in the source to a higher dimension.

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Technics SL-G700 Grand Class Network / SACD Player Network

Multi digital player which covers most of the digital audio media available today from traditional CD/SACD to the latest high-res and many streaming services.

Premium High-grade D/A Converter and Dual Mono Construction D/A Circuit

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Satin White, Black Ash Veneer, Mahogany Veneer

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