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ProLogue Premium Integrated

$3,100.00 $2,599.00

We don’t want you to compare the ProLogue Premium to an integrated that sells for $3449. That’s too easy. We want you to compare it to an integrated that sells for $7000. Compare it for the things that really count. Build quality like point to point wiring. Premium parts like an Alps Blue Velvet Volume control. Custom-wound output transformers for super-wide bandwidth and REAL bass that has punch and follow-through. Engineering like Adaptive AutoBias, Bad Tube Indicator, Super Quiet Relay source selection instead of cheap switches, and SmartWatts which assures you no headaches that for years have been associated with tubes. No longer will you be a slave to worry about how much time you left your amp on. Turn it up. Have fun. Use it every day. All day.

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Black, Silver

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