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DiaLogue Premium Preamplifier

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Call for Price

Here's a dirty little secret: Preamps have become a high-profit center for manufacturers. They won’t like that we tell you this, but it’s true. Power amps are expensive because they require big power and output transformers, which are the single biggest cost in building anything. An overpriced preamp is cheap to make, but first make sure it has a big box and pretty face plate. Then add one little transformer (not even toroidal!) that costs a few bucks, a tube or two mounted on a printed circuit board, a $2.50 chip as a volume control. Next, make up some lofty story about the design that has nothing to do with substance, and you’re done. How does anybody justify charging $5,000 USD for box of average parts that weighs 13 lbs? Don’t be impressed by name brands. They count on that. You're best friend is Google images. Use it to look inside and compare.

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