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Opera Loudspeakers Prima

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The new 7” woofer is a custom model, made by Scanspeak, for the whole new Classica series. This woofer has an excellent performance in the mid frequencies enough to be used as a midrange in the Quinta model. It is equipped with an aluminum diaphragm,  a 38 mm coil (two-layer, CCWA wire) with aluminium former immersed in a suitably shaped air gap. There is also a metal ring around the pole piece to control the flux variations. The basket is die-cast for maximum stiffness. Compared to its predecessor the volume displacement is increased by a significant 25%. The rigid aluminium diaphragm is free from  subharmonics and from transverse modes and perfectly reproduces the lower frequencies. The two woofers, connected in parallel, share the same 40 liters enclosed volume.

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Black Ash, Mahogany, Cherry

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