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iFi Audio Hip-Case (Suede)


Compatible with iFI Hip-Dac & Hip-Dac V2

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The must-have accessory for your hip-dac portable DAC/amp.

It’s here! The long awaited and lovingly crafted hip-case has arrived.

Both the original hip-dac and the new hip-dac2 sport a 102x70x14mm extruded aluminium enclosure which is sufficiently robust to be carried around without fear of damage or  breakage.

However, we know that some of you wanted further protection for the beautifully anodised metallic finish and the hi-res interior.

You can now give your adored hip-dac or hip-dac2 a softer, suede-like feel by wrapping it in a bespoke case from iFi, offering protection both at home and on the go without hindering the control functionality.

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