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iFi Audio 4.4mm to 4.4mm Balanced Pentaconn Cable


The iFi 4.4mm to 4.4mm cable employs heavy OFHC continuous cast copper and silver matrix conductors with a total thickness of 14AWG for the best signal transfer.

Whether you are connecting our ZEN series or other balanced components, our audiophile-grade cable will enhance your listening. It has been created to give you maximum quality balanced signal transfer and minimum interference.


ConstructionMinimum inductance and capacitance minZ™ (for minimum impedance) helix construction
Conductors14AWG total thickness
Conductor materialHeavy OFHC continuous cast copper silver matrix
InsulationRoHS compliant super-soft (60P) HD polymer
ShieldingIntrinsic shielding provided by minZ™ helix construction
AC spark insulation1500V
ConnectorsiFi ‘FINAL’ 4.4 connectors
Insulation resistance100Mohm
Length300 mm (11.8″)
Weight25 g (0.9 oz)
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