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Grandview Edge Series Permanent Fixed-Frame Screen

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Enjoy big screen movies in your private theater. With three types of ISF certified fabric, the Edge series frame screen brings you the juiciest colors and most realistic pixels imaginable.

Ultra-Narrow Frame: The Edge Series has a frame just 1.1″ wide, helping make the screen look like a giant LED TV

• Low-Profile Wall Mounting: The distance between screen and wall is just 0.3″, almost as if it were attached to the wall

• Velvet Trim: The surface frame is made of aluminum wrapped with velvet

• Reinforced Frame: With the enhanced 1.7 x 1.1″ aluminum frame structure, the frame remains stable in sizes up to 120″ (16:9)

• Fabric Tension System: Taking advantage of the fabric tension system from Prestige series, the screen is held taut once installed

• Convenient Installation: With the range belt mounted on the installation bracket, you don’t need to measure the distance. Just fix the bracket to the wall according to the range belt, hang the screen, and turn the circular lock – it can be installed by one person

• WB-7 Matte White Screen Surface: WB-7 matte white is a versatile screen surface, ideal in settings where ambient light is controlled. It features a viewing cone of 160° and unity gain. The surface is fire-resistant and can be cleaned with mild soap and water

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100", 106", 112", 120"

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