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Gold Note PSU-1 external power supply


The PSU-1 super inductive external power supply is specifically designed for the PH-1 phono stage and is made exclusively with the best audio-grade components to increase the PH-1 phono stage performance and reach a new level of musical pleasure: thanks to the super external power supply it will be possible to get the most out of PH-1 and venture into an even more satisfying and unique vinyl listening experience.



To achieve superior sound quality, PSU-1 has been developed with inductive design: thanks to our double inductive filter the electrical energy is supplied to obtain the best operating conditions of PH-1. With the help of the external power supply PH-1 will be able to express its musicality even better while extracting every little detail from the vinyl.

The Gold Note custom filter takes care of removing impurities and interferences that inevitably affect the power line. By filtering the electric current extremely clean energy is obtained, free from interference, which can be used to optimally power the PH-1 circuits, eliminating unwanted stresses on the components that result in disturbances to the audio signal.

The use of PSU-1 also allows to isolate PH-1 from electromagnetic fields and therefore to preserve the maximum quality and purity of the audio signal. Thanks to PSU-1 the reproduction will be more precise, detailed and natural with less background noise and greater dynamics.

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Gold, Black, Silver

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