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Gold Note PH-1 phono stage

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PH-1 is a convenient high-performance MM and MC phono preamplifier featuring an Ultra Linear Power Supply. It provides superior audio purity within any audio system and easy access to impedance settings. The elegantly shaped box with a black lacquered front panel adds a stylish touch of classic Italian design to your audio chain and looks great with all Gold Note turntables.



The PH-1 is a compact MM and MC phono preamplifier that can be used with a large variety of High-End audio phono cartridges.

Featuring a toroidal power supply, the PH-1 is ideal to match low output MC cartridges down to 0.15mV. To optimise audio performances, the PH-1 is powered by a quadruple stabilized gain stage allowing it to work perfectly with MM and MC cartridges without needing an external step-up transformer, even when used with phono cartridges having less than 10Ω internal impedance.

PH-1 brings superior and impressive audio purity into any audio system and reaches its very best performance when used with its dedicated external super Power Supply Unit PSU-1 (optional).

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Gold, Black, Silver

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