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Furutech Power Reference III High End performance Power Cable


length: 1.5Meter


– Double-shielded α(Alpha) μ-Conductors eliminate radiated noise
– Formula GC-303 Antimagnetic EMI-Absorbent Modules surround each cable
– High performance beautifully engineered Rhodium Plated Non-Magnetic Pure Copper FI-25M(R) Male and Non-Magnetic Eutectic Copper FI-25(R) IEC Power Connectors
– Furutech’s unique wire-clamping mechanism guarantees ultra firm connections for Furutech Pure Transmission signal
– Twin Flexible PVC sheaths improve vibration isolation.
– Insulated with high-quality polyethylene PE reducing capacitance
– Results in greater resolution, clarity, powerful dynamics, and an ultra-quiet soundstage in which music develops more fully without artificial upper-frequency “presence region” glare.
– GC-303 allows a deeper, tighter bass to form a solid foundation for the rest of the frequency range, better defining the original recording’s venue. Natural, unforced detail reveals nuance and energy for an engaging musical experience.

α(Alpha) Conductor Is Composed Of Fine OCC Copper Wire Strands Treated With Furutech’s α(Alpha) Cryogenic and Demagnetizing Process

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