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Furutech Furutech HDMI-N1 v1.3a (2.5M)

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Furutech HDMI-N1 Digital Cable (1.3a/1080p CAT 2) (2.5M)

– Main Conductor Wire: α(Alpha) Silver Plated μ-OFC conductor for minimal transmission loss.
– HDMI Connector: α(Alpha) non-magnetic 24k Gold plated conductor with 24k Gold plated non-magnetic copper alloy body.
– Sheath: RoHS Compliant Flexibile PVC
– Shielding: Superior noise isolation 3 Layered Sheilding
– Certification: ATC, 1.3a, Cat 2, 1440P, 13.4Gbps, 16bit/60Hz

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