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FT-211(G)S4 Low Mass Design Spade Connector

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Furutech FT-211(G) Spade Connector

Spade connectors are considered by many to be the optimal way to terminate a pair of speaker cables, but will every spade lug on the market provide exceptional performance as well as a secure fit?
At Furutech, we designed our new low mass, low weight FT-211 Ethereal Spade Terminals to push the envelope when it comes to sonic performance, construction quality and ease of installation. We used meticulous engineering and careful auditioning of selected materials to take our spade terminal design to the next level. We did so because every unique aspect of our design makes a sonic difference that you can hear.
One more thing—you won’t even need a soldering gun to experience this level of cable performance. This feature makes the Furutech FT-211 Ethereal Spade Terminals ideal for OEM manufacturers, do-it-yourself hobbyists or even an audiophile who desires an improvement in overall sound quality in a high-resolution system. The robust construction and beautiful finish will make any cable terminal project look utterly professional.
If you’re curious about the sonic improvements that can be gained through the use of low mass, low weight speaker terminals, then it’s time to experience the new standard—the Furutech FT-211 Ethereal Spade Terminals.

– Main conductor: 24k Gold-plated α(Alpha) pure copper – Specified for core diameters up to 4.5mm
– Specified for core insulation diameter up to 7.8mm
– Dimensions: Housing: 18.0 X 16.0∅ x 19.8mm overall height
– Total overall length: 57.5 mm approx.

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