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Emm Labs PRE Stereo Preamplifier

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Reference Stereo Pre-amplifier

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  • Six Stereo Analog Inputs: Three Balanced (XLR), Three Single-ended (RCA)
  • Three Stereo Analog Outputs: Two Balanced (XLR), One Single-ended (RCA)
  • Fully discrete dual-balanced signal paths
  • Class A circuitry to drive loads without degradation
  • Precision software-based analog volume control
  • Aerospace-grade composite laminate circuit boards
  • Machined aluminum infrared remote control
  • Large display with customizable brightness & contrast
  • New intuitive control system featuring programmable input settings & three sets of volume preset per input
  • System USB port for future software updates
  • RS232 port for wired remote & multi-system control
  • CE compliant
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