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Meitner Audio MA1-V2 stereo D/A Converter


The Meitner MA-1 V2:

  • Supports audio at sample rates of 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192kHz and DSD through all 6 digital inputs
  • Supports DSD128/2xDSD and DXD streaming over USB Audio
  • Complies with the USB Class 2 audio interface standard
  • Is simple to use. There’s nothing to configure. Just plug and play
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  • Up to 24bit/192kHz & DSD support over all inputs, USB Audio, AES, TOSLINK and COAX inputs
  • 2xDSD (via DoP), DXD (352/384kHz) over USB Audio
  • MFAST™ asynchronous technology for instant signal acquisition, jitter-free performance
  • MDAT2™ signal processing technology with DSD512/8xDSD upsampling while preserving phase, frequency and dynamic integrity of the waveform
  • MDAC™ discrete dual differential D-to-A conversion circuit
  • MCLK™ high-purity master clock that establishes new benchmarks in jitter performance
  • Galvanically isolated USB Audio interface
  • USB service port for future software upgrades
  • Sleek credit-card style remote and serial port for wired remote control
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