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Emm Labs DA2 Reference DAC

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Introducing the DA2 – redesigned from the ground up, it features the world’s first 16xDSD DACs and Ed’s latest generation analog stages. The combined performance of both allowing the DA2 to achieve that whole new level of transparency and performance.

The DA2 also features a multitude of inputs allowing a host of connectivity options and support for DSD, 2xDSD and DXD(352 and 384kHz PCM) via USB.

World’s First 16xDSD Proprietary Discrete DACs
MDAC2™ is now the world’s first true fully discrete DSD1024/16xDSD D/A converter and still built in-house at our manufacturing facility in Calgary, Canada. We’re not willing to accept the inherent non-linearities of every mass-market chip created to date. Neither should you.

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