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Cardas audio GRFA PSR2 M Female RCA Jack (Each)


Straight, PC board mount, Female RCA. This part is the same as the GRFA PSR, except the flange is set back to accommodate thicker mounting panels and various PC boards. Non- magnetic, eutectic Brass, Rhodium over Silver plate. Thick Brass nut, Gold plate.

Supplied with red & white washers, for channel identification.


Description: PCB female RCA. Mounts to chassis thickness of 0.5”/12.72mm or less. Comes with red and white 0.625”/15.87mm
outside diameter shoulder washers for channel identification. Detachable metal washer for backing plate. Standard mounting nut is gold
plated brass 0.188”/4.8mm thick. Ideal mounting hole diameter 0.455”/11.55mm.
Base metal: High copper content, non-magnetic brass.
Plating: Silver/rhodium
Termination: PCB

Additional information


1m/3.3ft, 1.5m/4.9ft, 2m/6.5ft, 2.5m/8.2ft, 3m/9.8ft

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