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Cardas Audio Clear Sky X4 Speaker Cable

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Termination Options:

1/4″ (6mm), pure copper, rhodium/silver plated spades are standard. 9mm spades, and bananas also available.


Please contact us for Termination Options.

 Note: Bi-wire + $200



Based on its big brother, Clear Cygnus speaker cable, the newly up-
graded Clear Sky X4 now offers better resolution than the original
Sky and is more suitable for a wider range of speakers. Our
new braided conductors allow reduced production time with
minimal sacrifice of performance. The new X4 geometry also
allows for internal bi-wire.
Finished with Cardas custom printed shrink tubing instead
of machined aluminum strain relief, and soldered con-
nectors instead of compression die forged terminations,
Clear Sky X4 brings serious performance to the most
affordable end of the Clear cable line.
Standard Terminations: Cardas CGMS spades
or CABD bananas. Hand soldered in Bandon,
Conductors: Braided Matched Propagation, fibrillated
polypropylene core, Grade 1, 99.9999% pure OFHC copper
with SPN clear coat (Litz), gauge sizes scaled to Golden Ratio
proportions. Cross-field layer geometry, insulated in a low noise
PTFE tape and Electro-Dissipative dielectric.
Geometry: Concentrically braided four conductor surrounded by anti-
static coated fibrillated polypropylene fibers. Outside jacket is very flexible
Alcryn Rubber.
Gauge: 4×15 AWG
Outside Diameter: 0.720”8.30mm

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1.5m/4.9ft, 2m/6.5ft, 2.5m/8.2ft, 3m/9.8ft, 3.5m/11.5ft, 4m/13.1ft

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