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Bryston BIT 15 & BIT 20 Series Isolation Transformers



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Limited quantities may be available.
Dimensions (in.):17 or 19 X 16.5 X 417 or 19 X 16.5 X 6.3
Weight (Ibs):7888
Input Voltage:120V120V
Output Voltage:120V120V
Output Current:15A20A
Frequency:60 Hz60 Hz
AC Inlet Type:IEC 15AIEC 20A
No. Outputs:10 ea.10 ea.



  • Superb transformer-based isolation from AC mains noise does not restrict current flow.
  • Narrow Bandwidth Technology allows only a narrow AC bandwidth through effectively cutting high frequency noise components before they reach your equipment.
  • Series Mode Surge Suppression is active and clamps power surges at only 2 volts above nominal making it far more effective than sacrificial MOV based devices.
  • Medical grade power outlets on North America models.


  • 17 or 19″ wide dress panels. 19″ wide are rack mountable.
  • 17″ are available in black or silver.

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BIT15 Silver, BIT20 Silver, BIT15 Black, BIT20 Black

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