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Advance Paris KC400EVO

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2 voies et 2 haut-parleurs
Woofer/Medium 17cm Reverse damper
Tweeter 2,5cm
Frequency of response: 45Hz-22kHz
Fréquence de coupure : 4000Hz
Efficiency: 91dB
For amplifier 20 – 120W
Dimensions: 42,5 x 32,5 x 19,5 cm
Weight: 7,1kgs



The KC400 is a bookshelf speaker*. It is part of the new KUBIK KC series. It takes the philosophy of our KC-800 flagship but in a much smaller volume. This is a reasonably compact 42.5cm high speaker with 2 speakers, a 17cm woofer / midrange paired with a 25mm dome tweeter.
With a performance of 91dB for 1watt / 1m, this speaker combines with an amplifier with a power of 20 to 120W.
The KC400 could be used with optional speaker feet.

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