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1877phono Zavfino SPIRIT-STBX


The Spirit like all of our cables goes through our new Ultra Sonic cleaning process where we run the raw copper through a water bath that is super charged to burn away dirt, oil, particals and impurities on the surface of the wire. This Ultra Sonic Bath also has the added unique effect of giving our cables a pre-burn sound that could take hundreds of hours to achieve through normal use.



Conductor: OFHC SILVER Conductors, tight pitch construction. low capacitance, shielded
Insulations: PE dielectric, PTFE dielectric, ­Nylon sleeve, 80ºC PVC jacket
Shield: Aluminum mylar with silver coated copper tight pitch spiral
Ground: 50cm OFC ground wire with 24k gold plated Pure Copper ground clips
Connector Female (DIN): ZV88 straight or TAD-2R right angle DIN, 24k gold plated high purity copper insulated in PTFE/Tef utilizing 1877 anti-stress pin construction. Sleeve 1: Polyethylene terephthalate(PET) monofilament sleeve combined with high tension abraision resistent nylon
Solder Joints: 8% Pure Silver and copper formulation


Hand assembled real oak enclosure.
Shield: Aluminum mylar grounding shield cage
High density (3mm) anti-vibration silca acoustic putty lined walls.
Direct wired from DIN to female RCA’s and ground connector
Connector Female (RCA): High Purity OFHC copper insulated in PTFE/Tef 24k gold plated
Solder Joints: 8% Pure Silver and copper formulation
Version 1- Straight Din,
Fits the majority vintage and mondern tonearms that use a detachable 5-Pin DIN connector cable.

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