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1877phono Zavfino CryoLitz-Ag Headshell Leads


• Pure Silver Conductor 99.9999% Litz Configuration
• Double wall polyurethane enamel film (155˙C), low dielectric loss, high abrasion resistance
• Horizontal slow feed tight pitch processing
• Weight per 50mm lead 0.19g
• Individual single strand size 0.06mml
• High frequency signal transfer
• Deep-Cryogenic treated before enamelling process
• Moisture resistant
• Deep-Cryogenic treated 24k Gold Plated headshell clips (VintaClips series)
• Ultra-Sonic7™ cleaning/thermal break-in process
• Fits all vintage and modern tonearms which use detachable headshell leads

Set of 4 Leads


CryoLitz-Ag™ uses pure silver fine strand litz wires. The pures silver wires are cryo treated before extrusion and are put through an Ultra-Sonic7™ cleaning process before stranding and extrusion process. When dealing with high purity wires at these fine sizes, fine particles, oils, and drawing residue left on the wire can greatly effect performance so we take great care every step of the manufacturing process to ensure wires are pristine before processing. Each lead is hand assembled with 24K Gold plated VintaClips using a minute amount of high silver content (8% pure silver + copper) solder.

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