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1877phono Zavfino ANG-BRTH1.0 Headshell Leads


• 34 AWG per lead/3 strands H-Wound™ Litz
• FEP NANO-Film Extrusion
• H-Wound™ Litz (more twist/more copper/same gauge)
• Japanese OCC single crystal copper wire
• Weight: 0.356grams per lead with headshell clips
• 24k Gold plated CNC precision machined FITclips™
• Length: 50mm x 4pc


Angel’s Breath Headshell Leads

The ULTIMATE in Headshell Leads designed with 34AWG Ultra-Pure 6N OCC Single Crystal Copper utilizing our custom H-Wound™ Litz technique. Our H-Wound™ Litz method involves Slow Feed High Pitch Precision Twisting of each of the wires into an almost horizontal configuration. (more twist/more copper/same gauge) The overall result is a non compromising wire that provides flawless transfer of micro dynamics through your analogue system.

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