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Buy the best wireless bluetooth headphones brands at Acoustic-Technologies, online or in our Montreal store !

We sell professional headphones and audiophile headphones as well, with great sound quality and the best value for money.

About wireless headphones with Bluetooth connection:

At Acoustic-Technologies, we love music and we have a lot of music lovers among our customers. That's why we offer a wide range of great brands like Grado, Hifiman, House of Marley, Pioneer, KLH Audio, Sennheiser, and Shure. All these high-end headphones come with different options depending of your needs, like microphones, noise-cancelling to eradicate ambiant sound.

About headphones with a jack:

Of course, we also sell headphones with a jack, from professional headphones to headphones for music enthusiasts. They are circum aural headphones, but if you look for more affordable headphones, you can also buy earplugs or earbuds, which have the best value for money.

In conclusion:

In conclusion, whether you are a professional or simply a music lover, and depending of your specific needs, you will find your future Bluetooth wireless headset with noise canceling function (or not) at Acoustic-Technologies, online or at our store in Montreal.

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