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Gold Note Valore 425 Plus

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$2 400,00$2 700,00

The Valore Plus 425 features a 30mm thick plinth wisely shaped
and cut around the bearing of the platter and the motor to
drastically reduce all unwanted vibrations.
The Valore Plus 425
platter is made of 20mm acrylic. The design of the platter
comes directly from the top level Gold Note turntables as well
as the 80mm long platter bearing and spindle, finely machined
to achieve the best audio quality
of its category.
The Valore
Plus 425 platter is designed to stay only 3mm closed to the
turntable plinth. Such small platter/plinth interference allows
reducing turbulence featuring a great noiseless rotational


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Acrylic, Walnut, Silver Foil, Black Lacquer, White Lacquer

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