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Apprentice Lite Mk2A

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Apprentice TT Mk2 Turntable NEW model Complete with RB202 tonearm, standard belt, steel bearing , 12mm Clear Platter and Factory Fitted TALK Zephyr C100 cartridge

The Edwards Audio Apprentice TT starts life as an OEM version of a popular, British-made, award winning turntable. Edwards Audio add their own custom made 12mm acrylic platter and upgrade the cartridge to their C100.

The Apprentice comes supplied as a complete package, ready to play straight out the box. Just push the tone-arm counterweight all the way on and you are ready to go.

It offers a great introduction to vinyl replay and coupled with the Apprentice MM phono stage and integrated amplifier will give many hours of pleasure as you rediscover all those forgotten great recordings.

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